Bathroom vanities prices in Pakistan


bathroom vanity prices in Pakistan can depend on lot of factors. It can be the cost of labor or the amount of material used in the vanity  it can be the type of color you’re using in washroom vanity and last but not least the type of material you’re using . we are going to cover every aspect in our blog today and we will also tell you about the prices of these material and the quality of it as well.

Solid surface:

solid surface also known as corian is wildly popular in Pakistan nowadays, as it can be seen in most households and there is a reason for its wild success in Pakistani market. Because these sheets are highly reliable and great in quality and can work for a very long time and especially in bathroom vanities .but with great quality comes great price. you might be disappointed if you’re looking for affordable bathroom vanity prices in corian because there are very few of them.but still that doesn’t mean that its not worth every penny out of your pocket


our best selling corian solid surface vanity


A custom made corain vanity


quartz also known as engineered stone it has lustrous, deep, three-dimensional. The surface can be honed to a gloss, if desired. Homogeneous appearance .these stones are of medium price range and of great quality. Bathroom vanity prices of quartz are also very affordable and has great range of designs in it with enormous amount of color range in it. To make this easy for you it’s the best choice if youre looking for medium range price and great quality material for your bathroom vanity.

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