Engineered stone stuff is something that is getting more popular due to various reasons. It is also known as the Quartz stone holds the central importance when it comes to renovating the interior or the exterior of any place. Countertops by engineered stone using marble texture, granite, granite tops with diverse granite colors makes the presence more appealing than otherwise.

Its marvelous appearance makes the interior more appealing and eye-catchy.  If you are about to kick-start the construction of your home or elsewhere, this article will widen your knowledge. Below we are discussing the marble, granite, marble texture, granite colors, quartz stone colors, and granite tops that contribute a lot when it comes to the best and robust look of your place!

The durability, reliability and compatibility of engineered stone

Due to the mix combination of marble and quartz stone, engineered stones are now the new rage in the interior world! It’s out-classed presence and worthy buying won’t make you regret! Mainly, you’ll see the engineered stone and Quartz stone as countertops, in kitchens, walls, artworks, buildings and more. Due to its high level of endurance and durability, many of the professional and industrial constructions use this stone. Besides, the chic look proves to be a bonus point along with it.

For easy to clean and ergonomic maintenance you can sure consider engineered stone for the modish look of your interior. It would be swanky however; the final look will surely win your value with your efforts.

The most commons usage of engineered stone:

  • As kitchen counters
  • Countertops for shops and café etc.
  • Flooring material
  • Walls, toilets and bathrooms
  • Decorative construction
  • Shopping centers and business lobbies
  • Industries and buildings, for commercial and home use


To make the sense of aesthetics around the use of marbles is considered anticipated and wiser. The maverick and stunning artworks with the powerful performance and longevity assure you of the reliable construction over all.

In addition to that, marbles, unlike the natural stones, offer you the durable and enhanced quality in combination with the resistance towards wear-and –tear. The best part of incorporating marble and making flooring, walls, and other places of this material is the long-term performance. Hence, you do not have to replace it due to maintenance any time soon.

Marble Texture

Textured in marble stone instantly makes it more appealing and more chic to the sight. Besides, if you talk about the modish appearance of the place such as a shopping mall, educational institute or even home, the texture in the marble would give a new refreshing vibe to the whole environment.

The use of beige marble texture, granite marble texture, and seamless texture makes it look astonishing and soothingly grabs the attention. Besides, the luxury gold, marble and stone texture and other combinations enhance the outlook to the most.

Granitoid has the light color tone with coarse grained style. Usually, it is in white, pick and gray colors and natural texture depends upon the mineralogy.


The use of Granite isn’t new, it has been used for a long time, however, the shapes and usage has become modish and advanced. It’s basically a construction material that holds the powerful built in it. Granite stone is a modern addition for the interior and exterior usage. If you are planning to refresh the building, granite’s reliable performance would be pretty much worthy to consider.

Like engineered stones, granite is also providing the positive and reliable use as countertops, kitchen tops, using in buildings and architectural works, stairs and floor, bridges, paving, slabs and in many more exterior projects. While granite offers you the impressive style and variety in its design you can also lean on it when it comes to unbeatable longevity.

Granite Colors

Without a second thought, you will get uncountable styles, range and hues in granite. This makes it instantly drooling and more enchanting. Generally, granite comes in pink, white, black and gray with the slight difference IN its appearance, tons, variation and shading.

Besides, we all know that granite contains 20% of quartz to make it granite, as it was just a rock and the addition of quartz makes it this what you have.

The designs and the enchanting art makes the colors look royal for considering it as kitchen tops, countertops and more.

Anyhow, the list of granite colors is never ending, however below we are presenting you some of the most loved and common colors that many of the people have given positive review:

  • Blue Pearl Granite
  • White Ice Granite
  • Sparkle Granite
  • Alaska White Granite
  • Green Peacock
  • Baltic brown
  • Brains-brook brown

Granite Tops

Counters and tops made by granite is something that you’ll find very much stunning to the sight. Besides, if you are familiar with interior decorative stuff you definitely know its importance and relevance of the granite tops!

And now, if you talk about the renovation and remade look of your place, you will surely like to know something about counter tops made of granite stone. While it cast a decent impression it is highly appreciated due to the lasing and longevity within it. Besides, the kitchen tops look and serve the best when it comes to feature the granite made tops.

In recent times, the exquisite countertops and variety in the design and aesthetics has given us the opportunity to incorporate the granite made counters and tiles in the exterior and interior with much pleasure.