Certainly, epoxy is the quality innovation in the field of house and interior. With time, its popularity has reached a prime level that surely makes sense as well. Besides, there are a number of usages such as in paints, primers, coating and more. that makes the demand for Epoxy resins essential. Its crystal-clear furnish with the smooth ad appealing final look is what values your place the most.  

There are their main types pure epoxy, polyester resins, and epoxy acrylates however, it is classified into many other types such as Bisphenol Epoxy Resins Aliphatic Epoxy Resins, Novolac Epoxy Resins

Therefore, in this article, we are covering the most popular and amazing epoxy resins such as epoxy tables and epoxy flooring, in particular. You can surely enlighten your knowledge and give it a recent boost for incorporating it for your personal usage.

Epoxy Table

If you like to experiment with the interior, the use of an epoxy table would be a new edition in itself its shiny smooth, and sleet texture looks pretty much astonishing. Moreover, the jaw-dropping gorgeous artwork and different paintings on the table let you enable the fashionable vibe around your home.

How thick or thin an epoxy table would be is dependent on your personal choice and demands. However, as a rule of thumb, it is about 1/8 inches. Besides, there are multiple coatings required to set the solution in its perfect form to let out the finest results later on. So, if you want to keep things on next-level the presence of an epoxy table is one of the wise ways that would only enhance the overall aura of your place. 

Main Uses of Epoxy Table

  • Using as the countertops for kitchen, canteen, and more
  • Home interior decoration purpose
  • Countertops, kitchen counter, and other places

Epoxy Flooring

Floors and pathways made of epoxy resin cast a highly precious impression and look stunning as well. If you want to decorate the place for a more appealing outlook the epoxy flooring is the first name that comes to mind. Generally, this flooring is used in commercial and industrial for more coverage. Usually, epoxy flooring is slippery because of its glass-like smooth appearance, however, it also depends on what type of flooring you are opting for and how much of the ratio is being kept to achieve the desired results. And if not follow the directions carefully, you might end up experiencing the floors chip off!

Besides, in order to make it durable and lasting, the coat of epoxy is applied onto the concrete floor so that the longevity remains around. The tough and durable built makes it a more in-demand floor type to go for than the normal flooring. To get the best smooth type of epoxy always make sure you mix it well with the directed ratio and have a hardener if your epoxy is older.

Why should I choose epoxy floors?

  • It is super-easy to clean and wash
  • Strain-free and durable to withstand cracks
  • Require less time to install anywhere, highly ergonomic
  • Best for kitchen, countertops, bathrooms, floors, and furniture
  • Its shine and smooth appearance helps light to spread more
  • You don’t have to keep the epoxy table or epoxy floors maintained

Epoxy Resin In Pakistan

Certainly, the demand for epoxy resin in Pakistan is increasing day-by-day. Not only people are drooling for its diverse variety of art, but also easy to install durable performance and anticipated results value the money. There are many colors, styles, texture and range available in Pakistan that surely grab the attention that too at a reasonable price.

Epoxy Colors

No doubt, epoxy colors are pretty much appealing and advanced. The diversity in hues grabs the attention in the first place. 

Although, there many different types of colors available in the market but we are pointing out the most common with best-rated reviews. You can easily find the epoxy color paint in light blue, slate grey, medium grey, smoke blue, sunshine yellow, dark green, light green, ivory, dark brown, light brown, beige, concrete grey, white, and many more.

In addition to that, you can also choose the variety from the concrete, basement, wood, metallic, garage, and other charming styles that surely look exquisite and swanky as a whole. The epoxy paints are highly durable, chemicals-resistant and corrosion-resistant as well for which you can totally rely on its performance, working and experience to use.

Epoxy Textures

And now, if you talk about epoxy textures, there are so many textures available with an astonishing variety. You can surely find the natural texture of the water and scenery to the digital texture that looks astonishing altogether. The metallic and seamless epoxy texture is another addition that many interior designers are in an awe of! The main reason why textured epoxy is getting popular is its slip-resistance property and ergonomic cleanliness. The quick cleaning makes the environment more hygienic. 

How to make the textured epoxy?

Well, there could be many ways to get the epoxy in textures and one such way is to get the specially made roller and use it on the epoxy. If you want to attain more textured form you have to keep the coating slightly thicker. Besides, if you are using the epoxy floors at the place where sunlight is anticipated, the use of UV coat on the texture is something that becomes a must-have to attain the best results.