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Our signature designer kitchens offer luxury, convenience and style with the added benefit of affordability. Made with the highest quality materials, our kitchens are fully customizable to suit any space and style and your desires and needs. From high-quality Corian countertops, to PVC, Laminated or Premium drawers with glass cabinetry and concealed lighting,our kitchens are a marvel of beauty and are the ideal way to elevate interior decoration. Whether it is Premium, Modern or Traditional, we provide exceptional designs, product quality and amazing customer service. It is widely available throughout Karachi.

Our Expertise

We are Expert in Kitchen Renovation

We as a company specialize in kitchen design and consultancy, thats why our customers satisfaction rate Is much higher than of markets we know the number one problems consumers face when executing their kitchen is they want hassle free and premium solution that is also budget friendly.

Experience is worth the money

The thing which matters most for a consumer is to have a great experience from the day he gets first from a sales rep to the day his or her kithcen is finally executed, building a home can be a stressfull task and most people are only able to do it once so they want it to be totally perfect and Solisurf as a company totally understands it

Reviews Of Our Satisfied Customers

Sarah haider

If you want a Pinterest-worthy kitchen, look no future! solisurf tip-notch quality, the abundance of design, and personalized service are sure to bowl you over! they have the magic(and passion) to turn their client's whims & fancies into a kitchen of their dreams! Highly pleased with the result.

Syed Amir Shah 

Working With Solisurf Was A Greate Pleasure! It's an amalgamation of bright colors, best quality hardware, and multi-use accessories, thanks for making my kitchen lively with your efforts! What I Like about them the most is their professional dealing and how they always prioritized me, and dealt every single query of mine professionally.