Solid Surface

Leading brands names like DuPont™, Staron and Radianz hold significant importance for making the Solid Surface Corian® material especially. The maverick material with seamless performance is all about innovation in itself

It is a recent rage in interior fashion with exquisite detail. Not only in kitchen tops, but Solid surface Corian has been the first choice in many of the worktops, countertop and benchtop!

In addition to that, if you are looking for a more exotic and well-made design that casts the impressive style this article would be a worth read.

The use of polymer and natural material with a reasonable reach of the budget is what you will appreciate. However, Staron and Radianz are other quality names that come to our mind when you talk about the interior from Kitchen tops to bathrooms.

Today, the advancement and progress in the home decor industry offers us jaw-dropping and high class wonders to make the interior more dedicated, style and quality that hold longevity. In this article, we’re shedding light on the most anticipated

Hues and designs in Corian for kitchen tops:

There are multiple subtle hues and designs available that will value your effort. Besides, of a bolder tone, you will get the more enriched quality that casts the sober impression altogether. It’s durable and tough built to keep off the wear and tear for sure. The ‘look good feel good’ vibe is what it let out every time you are around.

There are numerous designs and colors available from greys to blues, pearl while to the darker and bold range with wooded elements within etc. So, if you are one of those people who prefer detailed and elegance in the interior the diverse range with a royal look would surely grab your attention.

The layout and color combination has been kept trendy and unique for which you get to have a more refreshing vibe and all exotic pleasure. The durability and longevity with smooth texture prove to be a worthwhile bonus for you!

Corian® Sheet

Definitely, Corian is known for its stunning work that makes the interior more enriching than it was otherwise. Moreover, the pattern and counter with the newline strategy are what many people are drooling on! The Corian texture is what offers you the smooth and sleek exterior with the elegance in every bit of it.

It offers you the undulated design range; however, you can make it customized as per your requirement and engrave it for aesthetics. Installing the Corian sheet into your kitchen tops makes it not only ergonomically stunning but also makes the kitchen time more comfortable and engaging. Besides, if you have a quality-made kitchen range spending most of your time there experimenting with new cuisine becomes more like a hobby. 

Corian Sheet offers you:

  • Ergonomic and stylish. Using it for kitchen tops, bathroom vanity et  is all about worthy experience
  • Easy to clean approach and quick to wash
  • Non-porous surface prevents the dirt and grime to make an entry
  • Keeps the hygiene factor alive. Since there is no place for dirt accumulation, you don’t experience the unclean Corian sheet.
  • Diverse variety with newline design 
  • The sleek texture keeps off stains and it is pretty unlike to get a stubborn mark on the smooth surface. This adds to its style and helps it to gain positive reviews.
  • Readily repairable and hence it becomes easier to get the wear and tear done timely with less effort. Also, the unwanted scratches, cracks, and rough appearance can be cleared out by a regular household cleaning agent!

Corian Bathroom Vanity

For bathrooms and showers, Corian bathroom vanity is becoming more and more popular. Certainly, that speaks of its dedicated built, longevity, style, and related manufacturing. Names like Dupont, Staron, Radianz make sure you get to have the best bathroom interior that makes an exceptional appearance overall. Moreover, the Staron Solid Surface by Samsung is still winning hearts for twenty, you surely imply the credibility that instantly makes a place for the customer. 

It is detailed and decently built with a lasting and exquisite design that makes it more appealing to choose from. Moreover, the Staron solid surfaces feature the acrylic material that holds much importance for durability and toughness within. Relying on a sheet by Corian for bathroom vanity wouldn’t regret it!

For bathroom, there is another future that makes the Corian sheet by Staron or Radianz more appealing. While you know it is less like to get cracked or experience any wear and tear issue, it is pretty much ace to less out the soothing vibe for you. The nicely designed contour and cutout make it ergonomic to use accordingly and hence the chance to make adaptive become strong to the most.

Final Thoughts:

Opting for many ways to keep the interior is something that all of us have experience at some point in home interior renovation! However, the use of Corian sheets by the leading names such as DuPont, Staron, and Radianz would bring grace and elegance to your home, office and anywhere you are anticipating!

The style, range, and colors are pretty much welcoming and also offer you to customize it to the next-level. For more precise derail you can sure have a look in person and choose the one you find most appealing. Explore your choice and make the Corian sheet an addition to your life.

Color Range



 Muscat White          

 Light Grey           

 Dark Grey          

 Star Brown