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The best kitchen counter material for you

It is a trend nowadays in Pakistan to get the best kitchen counter top for your kitchens and there are lot of materials out there in the market which you can go with. However with more options comes more confusion. Don’t worry we got you covered in this article. To choose the best kitchen countertop you need to ask yourself following things how rough do you use kitchen? Are u the kind of person who spills a lot of coffee or are you the kind of person who would rather go for looks than the durability of the material.

It is no surprise as why quartz is number one in our list this engineered stone has taken the building industry by the storm because of the fact that its durable affordable and of low maintenance moreover it has extensive sets of colors and patterns as it’s an artificial product. It is no doubt that quarzt is specifically made for kitchen tops because of it’s resistance against heat scratch and stains and you don’t need any sealent to protect it.

once found only in expensive homes, granite is more common today and is one of the most popular materials. They’re sold through local countertop specialists, but also in many home centers and kitchen showrooms. Granite comes in a wide array of colors: vibrant blues and variegated browns, to midnight black, deep red and mottled white.

Solid surface:
solid surfaces are commonly used in washroom bathroom cabinets but they can also be used in kitchen tops these sheets can be designed and formed into any shape and they also give a great Resistance against scratches and stains but they solid surfaces can be vulnerable to heat that is why it might not be the best choice for kitchen countertop

Ceramic tile:
You can use all sorts of tiles to make kitchen countertop. But the best kind of tile is ceramic tile. A ceramic kitchen countertop be hugely affordable and it also comes in huge variety but make sure you choose floor tiles for kitchen countertop as façade tiles or any other tile are too thin that it can crack under pressure

if you’re looking for quality than quartz kitchen top is the best for you as its very reliable and durable but it will be slightly heavy on your wallet. But if you’re not a rough user than you should go with a ceramic kitchen countertop as it’s very affordable

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