Floor and Wall covering

Floor and wall covering ( quartz and porcelain tiles )

Quartz :

solisurf offers quartz surface which has various applications in stairs, bathroom vanity ,kitchen top ,table top and quartz flooring . it goes great in  all these applications but one of the best use is in flooring. as quartz is very hard and durable so it gives it a very hard resistance against scratches, so it  could last you for years if taken care of it properly

Porcelain Tile Makeup

Porcelain tile is a kind of artistic tile, however it is produced using better, denser dirt and is terminated at higher temperatures. Furthermore, porcelain tile is harder, more scratch safe than different assortments, and more strong and impervious to stains.

Porcelain floor tile looks extraordinary when it is put down and will search useful for quite a long time to accompany next to no support. In high rush hour gridlock zones, porcelain floor tile is an amazing decision and will out perform different tiles in both long haul appearance and strength. Some porcelain floor tile is made to look like stone, and keeping in mind that it may hold up similarly too, it will cost less.