Kitchen Paramount


Kitchen Paramount is a beautiful example of how perfectly a kitchen can be made, from its elegant drawers to spectacular countertop, the upper partition also gives the extensive open space for you to keep your crockery and kitchen utensils, the backsplash is a beautiful floral design that perfectly syncs with the kitchen tops and its drawers and cabinets. This magnificent kitchen can be customized in other different materials as well according to your needs and preferences. For more options, you can browse other material pictures from the slider below


Each drawer is carefully crafted and is made keeping in mind your kitchen lifestyle and other minute details to provide utmost satisfaction, ease, and quality. From the cutlery drawer to the cutlery tray to perfectly fit your cooking essentials while the bigger pull-out drawers keep your pots and pans sorted, Solifurf considers each and every kitchen need. 


An extensive set of cabinet permutations are customized according to your preference to fit your kitchen space. From an array of corner solutions, base, wall, ladder units, and open shelving to cater to the odd kitchen space and enhancing the modern style of elegance.


Spacious top to fulfill your needs and desires whilst maintaining the beauty of elegance in your kitchen

NOTE: kitchen services are only available for Karachi

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Epoxy, Porcelain, Quartz, Solid Surface


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